What I'm Doing Now

- Home in Ireland after travelling Mexico for 6 months.

- Improving my Spanish: I can now confidently speak with native Spanish speakers (and understand the majority of what they say)! I'm now focused on being able to work through Spanish.

- Still meditating 10 mins a day.

- Testing an idea for a B2B SaaS company. Update to come.

- Attempting to track my "happiness" level and what impacts it. I have a rough idea what influences my happiness (hint: balance helps me a lot) but I want to understand it in depth. I've a daily checklist where I check if I've performed certain actions / certain things have happened and take a barometer check on how I feel. I'll write something on it when I have enough data and feel like it :)

- Just finished launching the Landing Page Analyzer for Unbounce.

Last updated December 22nd 2017

Inspiration for this is thanks to Derek Sivers