Current Projects

- Testing a B2B SaaS app that would help me a lot in my role in growth.

- Building a financial tracking app (related to my post here). It's for myself but I may open it to the world when I'm happy with it.

Some Day Projects

- Translate my workout websites to Spanish

- Revamp my workout apps on Android/iOS


- A Landing Page Analyzer for Unbounce.

- Spanish speaking bot to improve listening and speaking in Spanish

- Software for optimizing internal recruiters and talent acquisition professionals' LinkedIn process (contact me for access)

- CrossFit Workout Generator App - 1,200+ daily active users and 200,000+ downloads (here)

- A tool to help you record and remember responses which you want to create habits from

- Travel Workouts iOS and Android App

- Chrome extension improving the mobility of desk jockeys (in beta here)

- Build good habits and break bad ones in 30 days (here)

- Designed and built a device to show drivers how much they're spending on fuel while they drive (Fuel Spend Meter)

- Hen Farmer Tracking App (here)

- Student Planner web app - helps students maximise their grades (here).